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Dental decay and cavities are the result of plaque and tartar eroding your enamel. At Cold Spring Dental, preventive care is our highest priority, and that most certainly means helping you avoid dental decay and its effects on your oral health.

The way that it works is that plaque grows on your teeth, fueled by sugar and starch in your diet. It slowly eats away at the outer layer of your tooth, and given enough time the outcome is that there is a tiny hole in your tooth, or what is typically known as a dental cavity. Second only to prevention is to detect and treat a cavity as quickly as possibly. To that end, it is essential that you come in for an examination by our Syosset dentist every six months. With periodic x-rays, the diagnosis of cavities is assured. When a filling is placed, the decayed portion of the tooth is removed in the process, and your tooth will once again be whole. If the cavity were ignored, such as by postponing your examination, it will continue to grow. It is gets big enough, you’ll get a toothache. And the bigger risk is that bacteria will get inside the tooth, cause an infection, and you’ll need root canal therapy. The absolute best way to avoid such a possibility is to come in for your regular examination. As part of your visit with our Syosset dentist, you also get a teeth cleaning, ridding you of tartar buildup and residual plaque so that future cavities are less likely. It’s also a wise idea to limit your consumption of sugary foods and drinks, and starches, too (pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.).

Let our Syosset dentist keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Schedule an appointment with our office. Contact us right now to arrange a convenient time.

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