Dentist in Syosset

Dentist in Syosset

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Dentist Office in Syosset

Here at Cold Spring Dental, we’re a practice that combines the routine and expected services that form the foundation of good oral care with technological advancements and unique services to ensure you, our valued patient, of optimal results. We welcome all ages, and we’re pleased to have Saturday hours in order to suit your busy schedule.

There is nothing more basic, and yet more effective, than a six month oral examination that includes periodic x-rays and a teeth cleaning. Cavities don’t always give you a warning. Sometimes, you just get a bad toothache and the next thing you know, you have an emergency to deal with. Existing cavities and gum disease are addressed, and future cases become less likely by making that trip to see our dentist in Syosset two times per year. We provide restorations, including crowns, bridges and dentures. Periodontal care sees to it that your gums remain healthy or are restored to a high state of well-being if there is something wrong. And you can achieve a more appealing smile if you take advantage of of our cosmetic treatments, which consist of veneers and teeth whitening. We make things better for you with cutting-edge solutions. Digital radiography means far less radiation exposure, as well as more vivid and detailed images of what’s going on inside your mouth, so that our dentist in Syosset can improve upon the outcomes of your care. Our intraoral camera only enhance that. Likewise, air abrasion is a method for more effective treatment of tooth decay. And if you need root canal, it has never been more precise, accurate, and free of discomfort thanks to our rotary endodontics.

For any of your needs, all you have to do is contact our office and let us book a convenient time for you come in an see our dentist in Syosset.

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