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It’s not as if you simply wake up one day and discover that your teeth are stained. It’s a process that occurs over the course of time, and can be the result of various sources, often a combination of them. Here at Cold Spring Dental, those stains don’t have to be permanent thanks to our whitening treatments.

Red wine, white wine, and cola are among the beverages that cause teeth stains. Coffee and tea are also high on the list. And now, thanks to all the places you can get iced or hot versions of them, not to mention the specialty drinks made with them, they are consumed by many people 24/7. Here at our 11791 dental office, we’re not telling you to stop drinking them. So far as your teeth are concerned, there is a better way to deal with the effects. Berries are one of the most nutritional foods around, and yet they are no friends of your tooth color. The same is true with soy sauce, curry, and hard candies, just for a few typical examples. Enjoy what you want, because you can come to our 11791 dental office and get whitening done right here, or take advantage of the convenience afforded by our handy home method. Do it yourself with custom-fitted trays. At our office, it only takes about an hour, while at home it may be a few days to a couple of weeks. The choice is yours. But even if your teeth have become yellow or brown, such as from tobacco, you can depend on the results of our whitening.

Whatever the reason for your teeth stains, be it any of the above, prescription medication side effects, etc., depend on our 11791 dental office for the solution to your situation. Contact us now to book an appointment.

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